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1.28.13 Podcast Episode  BadAss Dash and Trish Blackwell

You can find Trish’s books, videos, and podcasts here.

She referenced an author she recommends in the interview: http://geneenroth.com/

Check out Bad Ass Dash here.

Check ou Anthony Matesi’s Legend of the Death Race Training Camps.






* Episode 22: The Survival Run

Tonight’s guests were:

Josue Stephens-Race Director for The Survival Run (a 70k Obstacle Race in Nicaragua). He is also the RD for The Caballo Blanco/Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.

Laurie Hale-The Getting Dirty Podcast

Andy from Rogue Runner  talked about their first race in Virginia.

  * Episode 21: Episode 21-De Badass Athlètes Féminines Canadiennes

Tonight’s live guests were:  Claude Godbout, Leyla Di Cori, and Ekaterina Solovieva

Next, here is the blog that Holly wrote which explains the day and reviews the races from the Double Race Challenge in detail. Lots of good photos as well-Holly Joy Berkey-The Muddy Mommy’s Recap.

Here is a great photo of The Double Race Finishers:

(Back row-L to R) Deater aka “The Panda”, Raychelle Albines, Matt B. Davis, Holly Joy Berkey, Damion Trombley, David Moore

(Front row L to R) Jillian Nicole, Lenny “Kickstand” Dodski, Eduardo Gonzalez

I also mentioned that I will be covering World’s Toughest Mudder and attending Spartan Fenway the same weekend.

Should be interesting, stay tuned for more about that.

I also mentioned MudRunFun (MUDRUNFUN!) a few times. As a group, they are great people. As a website, they have lots of great reviews and discount codes. Check em out here.

   *  Episode 20: Naked Running and The Ultimate Suck

You can find more about Joe Decker’s gym and his events at Gut Check Fitness.

Pete Williams Podcast is The Fitness Buff and his awesome site for all kinds of running events in Florida is endurancesportsflorida.com .

Jessica Sebor is the editor of Women’s Running Magazine.  Her recap of her Bare To Dare 5k race can be found here .

  *  Episode 19: The Big One-Tough Mudder and Spartan Race 

Yesterday, I was able to get Tough Mudder Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Johnson to call in and be interviewed live on my weekly podcast.  After speaking with Matt, I then played an extensive interview I had done with Spartan Race Founder, Joe Desena.

If you have not heard this podcast yet, you can download it here.

Before you do though….Here is some back story and a few notes that will help with the enjoyment and understanding of this podcast.

#1 The Backstory-Spartan

In my dealings with some Spartan employees and volunteers over the recent months, I had heard stories of a feud between Joe and the founders of Tough Mudder, Will and Dean. I wanted to meet with Joe in person to talk about this in an extensive interview. I also intended to ask him all the things I did ultimately talk about during the interview: The UltraBeast, Chris Davis, The success of Spartan, The future of obstacle racing as a sport, etc.

At the time of the interview (9.23.12) I had no idea that Outside Magazine had already commissioned a story detailing the Tough Mudder/Spartan fued in detail. Joe makes reference to it in the interview, when I ask him to clarify if something is a fact or rumor.  He said something to the effect of “Its all true, it’s all coming out in an article, you’ll see”.

#2 The Backstory-Tough Mudder

Being a good journalist, I reached out to Tough Mudder via email to ask them to be on the podcast for a response to the accusations. I had intended to have them call in live, and then I would play the interview, then get their reaction and response. Matt Johnson wrote me back and said the following:

Hi Matt – sad to hear that Joe thinks that taking shots at Spartan Race’s competitors is a valuable exercise. We really don’t think this is a constructive practice and have no interest in engaging in bitter and destructive back and forth. We wish him the best of luck.

I then wrote Matt back and let him know that as a 3 time Mudder, I am a huge fan. That I would be happy to have him on without mentioning the interview with Joe and only talk about Tough Mudder, its history, and the future to which he agreed.

#3 The Article
Scott Keneally has spent the last several months collecting data and interviewing the major players for his story “Playing Dirty” which comes out in the November 2012 issue of Outside Magazine.  2 days before my show was to air, This trailer was making its way around the obstacle racing/mud run world:   Tough Mudder Exposed

#4 The episode (Pre show)

When Matt called in 10 minutes to show time, he asked me my intentions with the interview and if I was going to bring up Joe or Spartan. I said no, but asked if I could mention the article and get a comment. He declined stating that he just wanted to “focus on the positive”.  I agreed and would keep my word.  I believe in treating guests on my show like I would treat a guest in my home. If a guest coming to my house asked me not to bring up a topic, I see that I would have two options.  I could either not have them over, or not bring up the topic.  So I did not bring it up.

#5 Traffic disaster in Maryland

I did ask Matt about any lessons that Tough Mudder might have learned from their recent Maryland (which I mistakenly called Virginia in the interview) mishap. If you are unfamiliar with what happened, there are many articles in print and on the web.  Here is one from the Frederick, MD News Post.

Matt Johnson himself also issued an apology online to all of the people who had a bad Tough Mudder experience soon after that weekend ended. You can view that video here.

So there you have it. Any questions, drop me a line.


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