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Episode 59 UQuest, Alpha Warrior, and Shale Hill Adventure

In today’s episode, we interview folks from 3 very different events.

UQuest is part scavenger hunt, part scavenger hunt, part unknown. Matt spoke with Anthony Murph, founder, and Steph Dennis, event director in their Atlanta office.

Alex ThunderDart Martin, in his first assignment as West Coast Ops, interviews some people behind Alpha Warrior. He sat down with David Nolan and Joe and Mike Timmons, the 3 men behind the concept of this obstacle only event. He also spent a few minutes with two members of the Alpha Warrior Elite Team Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Steffenson. These two have both been featured on American Ninja Warrior recently and are great ambassadors for the event.

Last, we bring you the interview Matt did with Rob Butler from Shale Hill Adventure which is a permanent course which puts on races and is also one of a kind training center.  Matt did the course with the NE Spahtens while up in Vermont for Death Race weekend and spoke with Rob shortly after doing the course.


Today’s Episode is sponsored by Pretty Muddy. A female only obstacle course coming to Chicago, Atlanta, Richmond, Tampa, Miami, and Central Ohio in 2013. Pretty Awesome. Pretty Fun. Pretty Muddy.

You can listen to the episode here.


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