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Episode 57 Mandy Baskin and Man Games

You probably have not heard of Mandy Baskin. At first glance, she is just an average 38 year old woman who happens to run a hot-air balloon company. Look closer and you will find an athletic champion. She was the 3rd place woman at least year’s World’s Toughest Mudder completing an impressive 6 laps. She was the only woman to do that other than Amelia Boone, and Deanna Blegg.  Then in March of this year, she won the very muddy, very wet, Sunday race at the Carolina Spartan Sprint.

Man Up!

Our 2nd interview is with Cory Mulcock and Jacob Munns of Man Games. What the heck is Man Games?! I was dying to find out as much as you were. Check out their website and listen in to find out how men AND women are going to be blown away by this insane weekend of fun and competition.

You can hit the play button below or just click here.

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