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Episode 55 Somebody Call My Mama

At the beginning of this episode, I explain why I broke away from ORMagazine USA and created Obstacle Racing Media. Please take a few minutes as I believe it clears a lot of things up.

The remainder of the episode is an interview with Ernest “The Cat” Miller.

I met Ernest Miller  through a mutual OCR friend a few months ago. As I have gotten to know Ernest, I have been fascinated at how quiet, cool, and humble this dude is. It his quite the contrast of the character “The Cat” that he portrayed in his WCW and WWE days. Back then, he was a heel (bad guy) that everyone loved to hate.

Ernest is a man who has already lived a rather full life as a professional wrestler, karate champion, boxing and karate instructor, and actor. His biggest role to date was in the Oscar nominated movie “The Wrestler”.

We sat down and talked about wrestling, acting, OCR, and how being a nice guy has helped him finish first.


Ernest The Cat Miller

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