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Episode 54 World’s Toughest Mudder Changes and The O-Run Team Challenge

I was very skeptical about The O-Run Team Challenge.  Del Boykin told me what almost every race director tells me, that his race is going to kick my butt and will exhaust me. I was pleasantly surprised when 3 friends and I took on the event recently here in Georgia. The obstacles were as heavy/difficult/challenging as any I have come across. (yes, including a Spartan).  Listen in as I talk to Del about his race and how he can replicate this awesome event in other places.

O Run Obstacle

Recently, Tough Mudder decided to open up The World’s Toughest Mudder to all participants. They also announced more prize money, special awards, and support crews. You will hear from Nolan Kombol, Head of Course Design at TM as he answers the questions all of you want to know. I also thought it would be a good excuse to catch up with Amelia Boone. I had not spoken with Amelia in a few months and I thought I would catch up with how her year is going and learn her thoughts on this year’s WTM changes.

…all that and a very special OCR athlete that has never given an interview anywhere before.

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BONUS:   As announced on the show today.  The “Getting Dirty with Daniel and Laurie” podcast is now part of the ORM Network. We are thrilled to have them as part of the family.


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