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Episode 52 Hunter Beats Hobie and Life in the Day of a Runner

If you have not heard by now. Hobie Call lost for the first time in any obstacle race less than half marathon distance. He was beaten by Hunter “The Sheriff” McIntyre at the Superhero Scramble Intimidator in Clermont, Florida on Saturday. With less than a mile to go, he was actually in 5th place before turning it on to finish 2nd.

In today’s episode, you will hear interviews with Hobie, Hunter, and David Magida. David placed 4th less than 30 seconds behind Hobie. They will all talk about how important swimming was at this race and how that race affected the future of OCR.

Sparten Men Win.

Sparten Men Win.

I will then play my interview with Rachel Moraes. She is a mom, an english teacher, and part time college student. She runs marathons, OCRs, and ultras. We crossed paths online one day and I was excited to speak with her. This interview took place a few months ago, so I am glad to finally bring it to you.

Rachel Moraes

Rachel Moraes

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